Prize-money in Turkish horse racing has been increased unlike other countries

Horse racing in Europe which was suspended almost 2 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic has been resuming again but horse owners can’t smile in those countries nowadays.

In England which is known as centre of thoroughbred racing prize-money has been decreased almost 20 per cent –more even in G1 races- while Irish G1 races’ prize-money decreased around 50 per cent. For example, the prize-money of Irish Derby which is one of the most important horse races in the country, has been decreased almost 50 per cent compared to the last year.

The situation is not so different in France which is also another important country of thoroughbred industry. Prize-money in France decreased around %15 per cent for some races while 30 per cent for G2 & G3 races and 40 per cent for G1 races.

In Turkey, prize-money for summer racing has been increased around 5 per cent while Horse Owner’s Premium increased 15 per cent and all fifth place finishers will take prize-money after Jockey Club of Turkey’s suggestion and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Turkey’s approval.

Veliefendi Racecourse (Istanbul)
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  1. Corona sonrası Türkiye ‘ nin yıldızı parlayacak deniyordu. Atçılıkla başladı anlaşılan…
    Yazının bir de kaynağı olsaydı?

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